PLAY NORTH - editing

Drone Showreel 2016 | Aerial Drone Filming

Drone Showreel | Aerial Drone Filming

I needed to create a aerial drone showreel so others could see the potential of this type of filming. Most of the locations are around Scotland, with some shots of the Polish coastline and Swiss Alps in there too. 

Free | Short Film

Motion Graphics Showreel

Free was born out of the idea of getting a bit older, feeling the strains of modern life, however still having the drive and the passion to get out and use skateboarding as a form of escape, pleasure and tranquility.

Islay Jazz Festival 2018 | Scotland

Islay Jazz Festival 2018

I was ecstatic when Jazz Scotland asked me to make some promo films for them and some of their highlighted artists. It meant combining three things I love, namely, jazz, the highlands (well, Scottish islands in this case) and whisky into one trip whilst filming some incredibly talented musicians.

Motion Graphics Showreel

Motion Graphics Showreel

Finally got around to making up a motion graphics showreel! And here it is. It showcases just some of the work I've been doing over the last couple of years. Motion graphics / animation is an area in which I'm developing a wider skill-set, and more clients. Have a look and if you'd like some motion graphics / 2d animation for your project then I'm always open to new projects and ideas.

Omni Furnishing | STV Production & Post Work

Omni Furnishing | Production & Post Production

I was given a brief from STV / STV Edinburgh to create an advert for Omni Furnishing which has a few shops around Edinburgh. The client wanted a bit of humour in the commercial but also, of course, to get across the message of all the great furniture he had in store.

Rebrand! | Play North

Rebrand! | Play North

REBRAND! The time had come to get around to rebranding and here it is! Play North is the new name for all my freelance activities: filming, aerials, editing & motion graphics.

Showreel 2017 | Production & Post Work

Showreel Production & Post

So I finally got around to editing a new showreel. It shows my filming, editing, drone work and motion graphics work over the last couple of years.